Lost in the wilds of Act 2?

Turning points giving you grief?

Can’t figure out your protagonist’s goal… or even which character should be the protagonist?

Let’s face it, screenwriting’s hard work. And when you finally finish that first draft, you face the hardest question of all: is it any good? And where do I go from here?

That’s where Hack Notes comes in.

You: A screenwriter in need of professional, impartial, and above all honest notes on how to improve your latest draft. Because you know the truth — a screenplay’s not finished until it’s so polished, so tightly-paced, so diamond-sharp that they have no choice but to buy it.

Me: Script reader, pro writer and author. Creator of the popular, occasionally humorous blog Screenwriting Tips… You Hack — bringing you a new screenwriting tip a day since June 2009 — and the book of the same name.

Let’s work together to make your script so good, they’ll be fighting each other for it.

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“Wow, what great notes! I’ve purchased notes 2-3 times before (on other scripts) and never received anything as detailed, insightful, and helpful. I wasn’t sure where to go with this script, but you’ve given me a lot of unique character, structure, and story suggestions that should propel me through my second draft. I’ll definitely use your service again!”

-Sarah Shaw, Hack Notes customer


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